4 Easy Ways to Add Fruit to Your Diet

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February 20, 2018
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4 Easy Ways to Add Fruit to Your Diet

As you know, fruits and vegetables are a major part of a healthy diet. They provide you with important vitamins and dietary fiber, and fruits in particular can satisfy your sweet tooth (making it less likely you’ll reach for less-health sugary options).

Fresh is always best, but sometimes can be a bit inconvenient. The second-best option is to store frozen fruit in your freezer, for quick and healthy meals or snacks. To keep things interesting – because we know you’re more likely to stick with a satisfying diet – try these methods of incorporating frozen fruits into your daily eating regimen.

Breakfast. Create a simple “breakfast crumble” with granola or oat streusel, tossed with your favorite frozen berries and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Bake until bubbling and browned, and serve with a bit of yogurt.

Smoothies. The possibilities for smoothies are as limitless as your imagination. A basic recipe incorporates 1 cup of frozen fruit, ½ cup of almond milk, 1 ripe banana, and a spoonful of honey. You could also use yogurt, if you wish, and mix in other additives as your tastes dictate.

Combine with cheese for a decadent afternoon snack. There’s nothing quite like fruit and cheese together, and you can have fun coming up with your own unique combinations. Thaw a handful of blackberries and pair with a mild sheep cheese, combine strawberries with cottage cheese, or try pears and earthy goat chevre. Have fun experimenting!

Snack on them as-is. Nothing is stopping you from simply grabbing a handful of frozen berries (or another favorite fruit) and snacking away! This treat is especially delicious in the summer, when you need to beat the heat.

Variety is also key to a healthy diet, so branch out and try a few new fruits. For more general nutrition advice, especially related to medical weight loss, call us to set and appointment. We specialize in helping our clients understand nutrition and make eating plans that meet their health goals.

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