5 Steps to Planning Your Exercise Regimen

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September 18, 2018
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5 Steps to Planning Your Exercise Regimen

So, you’ve decided to firm up or get toned? Maybe you’re also hoping to lose weight, or feel more confident and energetic. Your goals may vary, but you know that a regular and dedicated exercise regimen is the way to accomplish them.

Congratulations on making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle! Now, let’s get down to business. How exactly do you plan your exercise regimen?

Schedule an appointment. First, you want to be certain that your exercise plans are safe for your body type and level of health. Make an appointment with us, and we can screen you for underlying disorders that could complicate your plans. We can also offer advice on weight loss, if that’s your goal, and help planning an appropriate nutrition plan.

Identify your reasons. This might seem irrelevant now, but trust us when we say it will become incredibly important! Knowing the reasons behind your motivations can help you stay on course. When you’re feeling discouraged or tempted to quit, you can tap into these desires to keep yourself focused.

Any reason for getting fit is a good one, if it serves as enough motivation to get you started. But research has shown that long-term goals are more powerful than short-term ones. So, rather than focusing on shaping up for a special event (that will eventually come and go), consider lifelong factors like your health, a longer lifespan, or setting a good example for your children.

Establish your daily motivations. Now that you understand your long-term goals, you also need small, daily pushes to keep working toward them. These could be an inspiring playlist, pictures, a reward system, or anything else that gets you up and out the door. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as they are healthy and they work for you.

Commit to a schedule. Each week, schedule your exercise by time and type, and write it down (or log it in a smartphone app). We tend to follow through on plans that we make in a concrete manner. If you have a workout buddy, discuss your plans and agree to hold each other accountable.

Be safe. Take all necessary precautions for exercise, such as supportive running shoes, a spotter during weight lifting sessions, stretching appropriately, and warm-up and cool-down periods. Stay hydrated, and stop if you feel pain beyond minor discomfort. Consider consulting a personal trainer if you’re new to exercise, because he or she can offer further safety tips as well as advice on proper form.

And, of course, give us a call if you’re frustrated with your results. We can help you pinpoint what’s going wrong, and make recommendations to shape up or lose weight the safe, medical way.

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