5 Ways to Work Out on a Budget

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February 6, 2018
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5 Ways to Work Out on a Budget

So, you want to get in shape, tone up, or feel more confident in a swimsuit… But gym memberships can be so pricey! Not to mention, the hours might be inconvenient for you, it’s a hassle driving across town to exercise, or you can’t always count on childcare. That’s okay! You don’t need an expensive gym to get in shape. Try these five ways to work out, even if you’re strapped for cash, time, or a babysitter.

Set up an inexpensive home gym. You’d be amazed at how many very effective workouts use only your body weight. In addition, you can pick up a few free weights, some resistance bands, a jump rope, or a chin-up bar, and now you have enough equipment to tone every part of your body.

Buy used stuff. It’s a tale as old as time: Many people start off on a new fitness kick, purchase a bunch of brand-new gear… And then use it exactly three times before quitting. Often this barely-used equipment turns up in thrift stores or secondhand sporting goods shops. Try these locations first as you shop for gear.

Invest in a bike and/or a pair of running shoes. A good used bike is affordable for most people, and you can even pick up options to tote small children along. If walking or jogging is more your thing, all you need to get in shape is a good pair of running shoes. If babysitting is a problem, tote your tot along with you! Pushing a stroller adds resistance, especially on hills, and increases your calorie burn.

Check out YouTube. You can enjoy the same feeling you would earn at a “real life” yoga, pilates, or other fitness class, right from the comfort of your living room. Thousands of freeYouTube videos are designed to do exactly that!

Swap skills. That neighbor who runs every day, your cousin who works as a Pilates instructor, or that friend with the impressive home gym (and the muscles to prove it)… All of these people have a skill that could help you get in shape. Do you have anything they could use? Trade your own talents – perhaps tutoring, babysitting, baking, home repair, or car mechanics – for a few personal coaching sessions.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started on an affordable workout routine. Reading through them, maybe you sparked a few creative ideas of your own. The point is to remember that an expensive gym is not a requirement of fitness!

As always, come see us before starting or changing your workout routine. We can help ensure that your plans are safe, plus offer nutritional advice or weight loss guidance, if you need it.

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