Change Your Relationship With Food

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March 20, 2018
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Change Your Relationship With Food

How many people do you know, who regularly eat foods that they hate? Do they eat these foods multiple times per day, every day, cursing each bite that they take? Have they been eating this way for several years now?

That person might exist, somewhere out there in the universe, but we’re going to bet that you can’t name a single person who has been regularly consuming detested foods on a daily basis. That’s because most of us aren’t going to stick with a regular diet of foods that we hate, at least not for any significant length of time. So why would you expect that of yourself?

Yet, that is exactly what many people do, when they’ve decided to lose weight. They purchase a bunch of foods that they don’t ordinarily enjoy – we’ll call these the “good foods” – and they tell themselves that all their favorite foods are off-limits. These are called (whether out loud or subconsciously) “bad foods”. So now, “good foods” are a punishment, something to be dreaded on a daily basis, and all the restricted “bad foods” look more desirable than ever.

How long do you think the average person is going to stick with that diet? And even if they make it a few months or so, and actually drop a few pounds, what do you think will happen when they feel satisfied with their weight loss? Answer: They’re going to go right back to their old way of eating, on a diet of foods they enjoy, and the lost weight will probably return.

No one can be expected to live that way forever, and that’s one of the core reasons that most of us struggle with diet and weight loss issues. You’re absolutely setting yourself up for failure when you view healthy foods as a punishment, and unhealthy foods as desirable, or a reward!

Instead, we strive to help our clients identify foods that are nourishing and appropriate for a weight loss diet, that they actually enjoy! Long-term weight loss is only achieved through long-term lifestyle changes, so we would never expect you to eat  a constant diet of foods that disgust you. Instead, you will gradually learn how to balance your diet with delicious, healthy foods that actually support your health goals. And, no foods are ever off-limits, although we might work on portion control or nutrient balancing.

To learn more about a weight loss diet that you can actually stick with, give us a call. We’ll set up a consultation to discuss your your goals, and the changes you can make to achieve them.

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