Conquer the Holiday Health Challenge

Is Your Workout Too Easy?
December 19, 2017

Conquer the Holiday Health Challenge

All year, you’ve worked hard to meet your lifestyle goals. You’re exercising regularly, sticking to your eating plan, and feeling pretty good about yourself. But now the holidays loom ahead of you, and you might be worried about undoing some of your progress.

First of all, you’ve shown that you’re up for a challenge! Again and again, you have overcome obstacles in your way to continue on your journey. So, you know you have what it takes to succeed. But a few practical tips, to help you get through the next month, certainly couldn’t hurt.

Don’t completely deprive yourself. If you look forward to Aunt Lynda’s homemade pecan pie all year, then by all means have a slice. Changing your lifestyle shouldn’t mean giving up everything that you enjoy. Just remember to “spend” your calories on things that really matter to you. Analyze each food temptation and ask yourself, “Is this something that is really important to me, or am I just slipping into bad habits?”

Remember your fiber. At most holiday gatherings, someone always shows up with a fresh veggie tray (you could even volunteer for this role). Grab a plate and fill it with healthy fare first. Then, wait about twenty minutes before going back for seconds. This strategy helps to ensure that you fill up on nutrient-dense choices, while allowing you a little room for a few small indulgences.

Avoid sugary cocktails. Some of those popular holiday recipes can pack 500 or more calories in a single drink! If you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, opt for light beer or a glass of wine.

Focus on the meaning of the season. Whichever holidays you celebrate, family is likely a big focus of the season. Set up some activities that aren’t food-related, so that you can all enjoy some time together without the buffet table looming in the background. If you can arrange for those activities to double as exercise time, even better!

Watch out for leftovers. If you host a gathering, pack up leftovers and send them home with your guests. Or, accept someone’s offer to host this year, so that you don’t end up with a fridge full of tempting goodies.

Make yourself a priority. At multiple points throughout this year, you might have faced difficult choices between priorities. Hopefully you have developed the ability to put yourself and your health first, and that shouldn’t change during the holidays. Keep your regular exercise schedule, and arrange holiday-related chores and outings around your workouts.

Give us a call. If you want to discuss a medical weight loss plan, give us a call. We can help you identify a healthy target weight and develop a program to help you meet your goals.

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