Even after weight loss and exercise, your body proportions might not exactly match what you had in mind. That’s because we all store fat in certain stubborn pockets in our bodies, leading to unwanted jiggle in spots that just don’t respond to your efforts. That’s the type of fat that TruSculpt was designed to help “sculpt” away.

What is TruSculpt?

TruSculpt is a cutting-edge technology that delivers heat to subcutaneous tissues (that unwanted fat just under the skin) via a radio frequency.

Is TruSculpt acceptable for anyone to use?

Yes, people of all skin types can use TruSculpt

What is the treatment like?

You will consult with us about problem areas, and we will design a plan for treatments. On your appointment day, simply arrive at our office on time, don’t wear makeup or lotions on the area to be treated, and remove all jewelry. If you need to remove body hair first, we will advise you on this, but it’s typically only recommended in areas with thicker hair.

During your treatment we use the TruSculpt handpiece on the areas we are targeting. The hanpiece delivers a pulse of radio frequency energy for about four seconds, and then we move onto an adjacent area.

A TruSculpt treatment usually requires less than an hour of your time. Afterward, you can return to regular activities right away.

Is TruSculpt painful?

No, TruSculpt was designed with your comfort in mind. You will feel a heating sensation, but few patients report feeling any pain. If the treatment does feel too warm for you, we can adjust the heat downward a bit.

Does TruSculpt have any side effects?

Generally, there are no significantly bothersome side effects. You might feel a slight tenderness, and some patients notice redness or sweating. However, these side effects are almost always very mild. On unusual occasions some patients say that these effects linger for days or weeks.

Call us for an appointment, and we will discuss TruSculpt in more detail. We can give you an idea of what to expect, and help you decide if this is the right treatment for your situation.