Fat Burner and Vitamin Injections

Our bodies don’t always respond to diet and exercise in the ways that we hope. A protective mechanism can slow metabolism, helping the body hang onto fat stores rather than burning them for energy. This adaptation might come in handy in the event of a food shortage or natural disaster, but for the average modern dieter it is mostly a nuisance.

If you need to boost your metabolism and support other bodily functions, fat burner injections can help.


LIPO B boosts your metabolism, helping you to burn through those stubborn fat stores. It will move fat out of the body, prevent abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver, and detox your liver.


This injection also promotes liver health and increases metabolism. In addition, LIPO PLEX

  • contains B5, B6, and B12
  • helps convert carbs and fats to energy
  • can reduce blood cholesterol
  • boosts energy
  • reduces stress


LIPO DEN contains Hydroxocobolamin, a form of longer-acting B12.
Methionine, Inositol, and Choline prevent fatty accumulation in the liver.
B6 to aids metabolism of fats and carbs.

LIPO DEN combats fatigue, so you can stick with your exercise regimen and daily schedule.

Vitamin Injections

A nutrient deficiency can result from long-term dietary restriction, as the result of Pernicious Anemia, or even just as a side effect of various medications. Whatever the cause, a vitamin deficiency can cause a variety of bothersome symptoms, such as…

  • anemia
  • depression
  • irritability
  • lethargy
  • stress
  • neuropathy
  • weakened immune system (therefore frequent illnesses)

Changing your diet might not bring fast results, or help at all when the cause of the deficiency is anemia or medications. To address symptoms of vitamin deficiency more quickly and efficiently, vitamin injections might be in order.

Vitamin B12

  • Aids in metabolism of fats and carbohydrates
  • Supports healthy digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Supports cell formation and longevity
  • Combats anemia
  • Aids in production of red blood cells
  • Boosts energy, combats fatigue


  • Reduces water retention
  • Relieves PMS symptoms
  • Contributes to metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins
  • Supports normal brain function
  • Boosts immune function and helps you produce antibodies
  • Aids in vitamin B12 absorption


  • Contains vitamins B1, B3, B5, and B6
  • Aids in converting glucose to energy
  • Regulates the immune system
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Aids in digestion of fats, carbs, and proteins
  • Relieves anxiety, combats stress
  • Contributes to cell formation and longevity



Different bodies need different types of support. Call us to schedule an appointment. A thorough examination and discussion of your symptoms will help us decide which fat burner or vitamin injections are right for you.