How to Resist Temptation and Stay Healthy

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How to Resist Temptation and Stay Healthy

When you’re renovating your lifestyle, getting healthier, and following a weight loss plan, it is completely normal to feel temptation at times. Maybe you’re tempted to skip your workout, or cheat on your eating plan, or engage in some other form of self sabotage. These feelings happen to all of us. It’s how you deal with them that matters, and will help you succeed. So, when temptation strikes, try these strategies to work with those feelings and overcome them.

“I haven’t lost as much weight as Debra” or “Dave is making so much more progress at the gym.” Are you regularly comparing yourself to others? Congratulations, you’re human. But if the comparisons are overly negative, you will only succeed at discouraging yourself. Remember, you’re not on this journey to beat Dave or be better than Debra. You’re doing this for your own health and happiness. So, rather than compare yourself to others, compare “current you” to “past you”. Are you making progress? Are you learning about healthier choices? Are you feeling better? If so, then you’re succeeding.

“I’m so tired of these foods. I’m headed out to the drive-through.” Anyone would get tired of eating the same foods over and over. But this isn’t the time to throw away your weight loss plan and solid nutrition. It’s just the right time to try some new recipes, or even invite a friend over for dinner. There are other, and healthier, ways to address boredom.

“I don’t want to exercise today. I’m skipping the gym.” This is perfectly fine. If you’re sick of the gym or just not in the mood for it, then by all means skip it! Just do something else instead. Play a round of golf with a friend, go hiking, make a cycling date, or head to the pool for a swim. Switching up your exercise routine is not only acceptable; it’s preferable!

“This is so hard, and I can’t do it alone anymore.” You’re right. Change is hard, and doing it without support is even harder. But that’s no reason to quit. Instead, it’s a powerful motivation to seek the support you need and deserve! Recruit a friend to be your confidante, attend a support group, or even seek out a therapist who specializes in overcoming these particular challenges.

On that note, remember that we also offer support and encouragement to our patients. Schedule an appointment with us, and we can help you identify your needs and make referrals to other specialists who can help.

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