Medical Weight Loss in San Diego

At our medical weight loss clinic in San Diego, our clients have shared their frustrations with us. Most have tried for years to lose weight, often without the lasting results for which they had hoped. Yet, we have discovered that consulting with a physician provides those long-awaited answers for our clients. With a prescribed weight loss plan, they finally end those cycles of disappointment with a successful program that really works.

How it works. First you will meet with one of our physicians to discuss your body type, weight loss goals, and medical history. We can screen you for any underlying conditions that might affect your metabolism, and therefore your weight. Then, together we create a prescribed weight loss plan that is tailored specifically for you.

You’ve probably noticed that other weight loss programs always state in their fine print: “Before starting any weight loss program please consult your physician”. Yet, most people don’t take this step, and forge ahead with fad diets that are, at best, unproductive. At their worst, these diets can be harmful to your health. With medical weight loss, we include that all-important step at the very beginning, so that you can lose weight effectively and safely.

Your plan will be based upon the latest proven medical weight loss options. We only use strategies that are safe and medically proven to be the most effective at achieving true and lasting weight loss. Our clients lose an average of 20 pounds in their first month, and after seeing such dramatic results, are encouraged to keep striving toward their end goals.

Your personalized program will help you achieve the results you want, without pre-packaged meals or other gimmicks that fad diets often push on you. You’ll be eating real food, from your regular grocery store, that supports your weight loss and health goals. Think of your eating plan as a prescription for health… And call us today to schedule your first appointment for medical weight loss in San Diego.